Toyota Corolla: The World’s Favorite Car

Fuel Consumption


Gas prices may not be a big worry for most individuals today. However, it was a significant issue years ago when fuel prices skyrocketed during the 2008 financial crisis. The effort to reduce fuel consumption is a major boost for drastically reducing carbon emissions, which is a positive gain for the environment. Over the years, Toyota Corolla has been a consistent fuel-efficient vehicle for all drivers. The 2016 Toyota Corolla consumes one gallon per thirty miles while driving in the city and one gallon per forty-two miles while driving on the highway. This places the car among the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the world. For all individuals who want to become car-owners in the future, they can opt for the Corolla, which consumes less at the pump station. The vehicle remarkably reduces fossil-fuel use making it an ideal model for all drivers.

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