Check Out The New Tesla Semi! This Powerhouse Has Some Exciting Features You Don’t Want To Miss

Tesla has experienced exponential growth in a few sectors since Elon Musk’s foundation in 2003. However, the development seen in the automotive world has been second to none. Tesla is known worldwide as a brand of innovation and quality which has shaken the auto industry and is perceived as a revolutionary brand. November 16th, 2017 marked the date Musk presented the Tesla Semi to the world.

The following is a list of the most exciting features of this incredible product and why it will change the industry indefinitely post release date.

Incredible Powertrain


The first highlight of the Tesla Semi will be discussing powertrain design. Equipped with four independent motors on rear axles provides for incredible acceleration amongst competitors as it proves capable of hauling eighty-thousand pounds (max tow load) with a zero to sixty acceleration in twenty seconds. Tesla’s powertrain design also allows approximately twenty MPH speed over diesel competitors while driving uphill (around five-degree grade hill). These feats make quite impressive statistics for the semi industry and are to adjust, making jackknifing impossible automatically from the beginning. One possible downside to the semi will be the increased weight as well as the cost of a battery; this will be touched on further in a couple of slides. Next will be a discussion regarding the semi’s range.