Awesome Car Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

From A-Z there are plenty of car brands worldwide, some are household names, such as Honda or Mazda, while others can get lost in the noise. Rare brands in the auto world are less prevalent in daily life for a few reasons: specific brands are specializing in luxury cars the average consumer can not afford, differences in geographical markets, or discontinued brands. With that being said, here’s a thorough list of automotive company names, products, and pictures the average consumer probably hasn’t heard of. (Yet!)



Venucia is an interesting car brand located in the Chinese market and owned by Dongfeng Motor Co. Production started in 2012 with their mid-class D50 Sedan. This Nissan subsidiary reportedly sold two hundred thousand units in its first two years and had produced nine models to date. By no means is Venucia a market leader in China, but the fresh design and innovative R&D speak to the younger demographic they cater towards. Venucia has been recognized as one of the few marques launched in China which have been deemed successful since inception in 2010.

Next up is a Chinese company which is locally known for both luxury and quality.