Toyota Corolla: The World's Favorite Car

The latest model of Toyota Corolla is meant to stun the market with its unique design and features. It has a standard camera that assists the motorist in navigating, especially when reversing. The model is also comprised of an option where the driver can choose the new safety Sense-P suite composed of pedestrian detection, collision alerts, and adaptive cruise control, among other electronic safety properties. With these exciting features, Toyota Corolla will indeed register great sales numbers now and in the future. The updates are, however, not too drastic. Furthermore, they don’t have to be, as Corolla already has a remarkably sturdy record of real success. A few works on the Corolla by Toyota will see the model updated and still be among the competitive car brands in the market. Let's look at a brief historical overview of this automobile.

History Overview


Toyota Corolla made its first debut on the road in 1966. The Toyota Company was focused and determined to make the design of the Corolla cost effective and more dependable before its launch. The company managed to fulfill both. They braced the model, allowing it to compete outside of Japan. It flourished in the US and other markets across the globe. Then, the Toyota Corolla was a tremendously simple car. However, despite its simplicity, it was well crafted and inexpensive at the same time, and these simple features made the model popular. Other versions of the Corolla were launched. However, these other versions had more amenities incorporated. They were comprised of a larger engine but still retained every Corolla principle of quality and simplicity.

Toyota Corolla managed to scoop its first award as the best selling vehicle in 1974. Henceforth, it has been able to retain the top position in market sales, and Toyota has continued to be at the forefront to design and improve the Corolla in each generation. Even as it continues to develop its design, the company is still committed to maintaining the core values that propelled the Corolla’s success. In 2015, Toyota Corolla managed to sell over 1,339,024 units worldwide. This was an improvement of 4.7 percent compared to the previous year. The largest market for Toyota Corolla is in the United States. More than 363,000 units of the Corolla were sold in the United States market. The second market was China, where they sold over 300,641 units. Toyota Corolla is also facing challenges from other models, such as the Toyota Camry, which has over the years been among the top selling models. For quite some time, Toyota Camry has been ranked number five on the top ten best-sellers list. The model sold 754,000 units in 2015.

In 2017, Toyota Corolla made most of the cosmetic advertisements as compared to the Toyota Camry over the years. The model has managed to increase the sales numbers of various product brands. The 2017 Corolla model possesses an upper trim level and a new grille design. The car also had great bi-LED headlights. On the interior of the model, it had impressive upgrades on the seats, as they used more upscale materials.

The following are reasons as to why this automobile is the favorite car model for the majority of individuals around the globe.

AutoInfo Staff