Useless Extras Your Sales Rep Is Trying To Sell You

Rust Proofing


While this may have been a useful practice in the past, it is no longer necessary for modern cars. In the past, much more of a vehicle was made solely from steel or other metals that can easily rust if exposed to too much moisture over time. Modern cars, on the other hand, have many more non-rusting materials, such as carbon fiber and other composite materials. Paying for this service is actually paying for a service on a very small percentage of the modern car. To avoid rust on your own, be sure to wash your car regularly, especially during the winter months when salt buildup can occur from the winter roads. Rust proofing will do little to nothing to prevent against this type of corrosion, and thus it is best to skip this addition and save the money up front when purchasing a new vehicle. Preventative measures taken on your own are the single best way to prevent rust from forming on your car, and it is far cheaper than paying a dealer for preventative measures that may or may not work.

Protecting from spills? Read on to reveal why this isn’t needed.

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