Why You Should Consider Buying A Luxury Vehicle

April 30, 2023

"I would never spend that kind of money on a car." "That car probably cost more than the house my parents grew up in." When most individuals think of luxury cars, they think expensive. There are even some who believe there are no sensible reasons to buy vehicles costing more than the average person's salary. Upon closer inspection, there are actually many reasons to acquire a luxury vehicle. In fact, many individuals see luxury cars as an investment in their status rather than just the raw cost of transportation. Professions, such as real estate agents, actually see a luxury car purchase as a necessary tool to attract the proper, qualified client for high-end properties. The following are five of the most compelling reasons to splurge on a luxury car purchase.

More Customization

When it comes to customizing a luxury car, companies offer more colors, more interior trims, and more amenities than typical cars. In fact, it is not uncommon for a luxury car to offer options that cost more than the vehicle itself. To the cynic, this may just sound like a way for a car company to extract more profit from a customer. However, there is a smart reason to take advantage of a luxury car's customization abilities. First of all, more customization means creating a more desirable car when it comes time to resell. The car can be marketed as having a 'one of a kind' interior or a 'rare' exterior paint finish and can command a higher price. These options may cost more upfront. However, there is the potential to make back some money when it comes time to sell. Additionally, more customization means buyers get exactly the kind of car they want. When it comes to a non-luxury car, you usually have to settle with the option closest to your taste. With a luxury car purchase, it is possible to get exactly what you desire.

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Customer Service is Second to None

Luxury car brands place a huge emphasis on the quality and build of their automobile. However, one of the places where no expense is spared is the customer care experience. In fact, walking into a luxury dealership is akin to walking into a luxury store on Rodeo Drive or Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, and the staff is trained to treat each customer as their most important one. Compare that to a non-luxury dealership where the schmoozing ends right when you hand over your down payment. Luxury car dealerships offer perks such as a luxury loaner car, valet parking, and trained staff who will treat you like the most important person in the room. This type of service really makes a difference when it comes to scheduled maintenance visits. Luxury car dealerships actually make customers want to spend more time there.

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Higher Resale Value

Luxury cars are desired new as well as used, and individuals are willing to spend a premium on a luxury sedan with a few thousand miles on it. In fact, a higher resale value is one of the top reasons many opt for a new luxury car purchase. So what makes a luxury car hold up its value?

The first reason is the brand of the car. A luxury car is still perceived as having a great value whether it is new or used. Therefore, individuals are willing to spend more money for the brand, even if the car is in the same condition as a comparable non-luxury car. Secondly, luxury cars are typically better built than non-luxury cars, which means these pre-owned luxury cars will be more reliable. Many car buyers are aware of this fact and hence, will spend more money on a used luxury car. Finally, some used luxury cars can become collectible and actually go up in value. In fact, some performance models of certain luxury cars have been known to sell more used than when they were new.

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Better Quality

Luxury cars are known for having better quality from the fit and finish to the parts of the vehicles only mechanics will see. What is that? It is because a luxury car company's reputation is extremely critical to the success of the brand. A luxury car company cannot afford to have their brand tarnished by recalls or unhappy customers, especially in the time of social media, which means the reputation of the luxury car company rides on every purchase. In fact, luxury car companies will go to great lengths to ensure their cars will be more reliable than their competition. When you purchase a luxury car, you are not just purchasing the glitz and glamour of the brand, but are also purchasing a better-built vehicle, which will benefit you with better reliability, less unscheduled visits to the mechanic, and peace of mind. Now, most luxury car brands will not talk about the quality build of their cars because it luxury cars are expected to be built better. However, do not overlook the fact that buying a luxury car means buying a better-built car.

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Show Of Status

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are judged by what we drive, and a luxury car driver is perceived as being more successful and, in some cases more desirable. If you are in a profession where image matters, a luxury car is not just a show of status, it is also a sales tool. Professionals such as real estate executives, financial advisors, hedge fund managers, and lawyers consider luxury automobiles to be a prudent investment that practically pays for itself with the acquisition of one or two quality clients. The right luxury car can say a lot about you without you having to say a word. A luxury sports car can tell the world you are a successful risk taker and adventurer, and a high-end luxury sedan announces to the world you have a track record of success. The right luxury car can be the perfect extension of your personality.