See The Biggest Automotive Sales Disappointments of 2016

Americans purchased around seventeen million new vehicles in 2016 alone. Of those seventeen million, approximately eight hundred thousand were Ford F-Series pickup trucks, making it the best-selling line in the United States yet again, with the Ram truck line and Chevrolet Silverado following close behind. Not all automobile lines did as well in 2016 despite relatively low-interest rates and decreasing gas prices. Here is a look at those lines that did not do so well.

Fiat 500 And 500L

Fiat sales suffered a massive plunge in 2016 with just fifteen thousand 500 hatchbacks and convertibles sold – a thirty-seven percent drop since the following year. The Fiat 500L – a larger vehicle – saw a sixty percent drop with only three thousand reported sales. The Fiat Crossover 500 X did slightly better during the 2016 sales year but not enough to carry the brand through a successful year. Sale prices have dropped in 2017 to encourage sales.