A Round-Up Of The Best And Worst Types of Drivers, Which One Are You?

Car manufacturers try their best to associate their vehicle with a particular personality. Lincoln called in Matthew McConaughey’s quiet and cool demeanor to brand their models; while every truck manufacturer thinks their entry-level full-size should compete with Mack for position on construction sites. Sometimes, no amount of marketing can save a vehicle from finding its people. By their very nature, different types of cars attract different kinds of people. From the rural micro-monster truck to the urban businessman, let’s take a look at the various types of car owners you’ll meet out there in the wild.

The Redliner


Your typical Redliner is usually young – within a few months of graduating high school – and full of that youthful immortality. Traditionally spotted behind the wheel of an outdated Civic or Jetta, these speed demons see radar traps as race gates and make suburban neighborhoods their Le Mans Raceway. These types can be easily identified in the rearview by the fact that they’ll be too close to see, but you’ll feel the cheap aftermarket exhaust with every chug the engine still has left in it. These are also known as ‘ghost cars’ because the seat is usually set so low and heavily reclined that it becomes an abdominal exercise just to see over the wheel. They get their name from the high RPMs they seem to think the engine needs at all times.