Hilarious Examples Of The Worst Parking Jobs In The UK

June 14, 2022

Everyone has encountered stupid drivers on the road from time to time. They are the ones who turn without signaling, drive too slow in the fast lane, and do not properly merge on the highway. The following drivers apparently did not pass their driver’s tests with flying colors. No one denies that parking can be hard sometimes, but these drivers make the task seem impossible. The following photos were captured on social media to put some of Britain’s finest on blast.

What Double Yellow Lines?

A double yellow line generally means no passing, but no one told this driver it is also a no parking zone. Then there is the fact that this driver somehow managed to park their car on top of a giant concrete bollard. Although successfully positioning the car on top of the bollard without any visible exterior damage to the body is impressive, it is not smart. Good luck crawling back into the driver’s seat and getting it down.

Wall Parking Only

Everyone has accidentally run over a curb at some point in their driving career, but this is not a curb. It is a wall. It would be one thing to pull up a curb when it was a suitable height to do so. But this driver apparently thought that any pavement is a safe place to park so long as it gets their car off the road. Hopefully, no pedestrians were walking along the sidewalk when this guy decided to park his car there.

T-Junction Parking

Parking spots can be hard to find. This guy thought it would be a good idea to leave his black Mercedes in the middle of a T-junction, because who cares about everyone else? Sure, it does not look like this is a major intersection, but a T junction has three arms and eventually connects to a larger road. Chances are the traffic backed up for miles behind the car, but that is not the driver’s problem as he is nowhere to be found.

Straight Lines Are For Dummies

Parking lines are provided to direct a driver into a straight parking position. But this driver must have thought those lines were blurry as he obviously prefers parking perpendicular to the straight lines. It does not look dangerous as no one appears to be around him, but hopefully, he can come to terms with his adverse reaction to lines before he uses a coloring book next. People might be OK with this guy’s inability to park straight, but no one likes someone who cannot color in between the lines.

Do Not Be That Guy

Everyone hates the guy who parks on the middle of a white line to take up two parking spaces. This guy usually thinks his stuff does not stink. He might have a newer car that he does not want anyone coming near, so his way of keeping it ding-free is to take up two parking spaces. Unfortunately, when a driver makes it known that he does not want anyone coming near him, people are more likely to mess with him.

Road Rage Or Honest Mistake?

Daily Mail

The driver in the darker blue car reversed his car into this lighter blue colored hatchback, which pushed it into a fence. It looks like the car broke the fence and was forced into a metal pole where it inevitably did a lot of damage to the front end. It sounds like this is a classic case of road rage gone wrong as no one can claim they simply did not see the car parked there. Someone is going to be upset when they find their car rammed into a fence.

Every Man For Himself

Accessible parking spaces are an excellent way to provide care to those in need. But this Audi driver demonstrated he does not care about anyone’s needs other than his or hers when he blocked in these drivers. The incident proves that parking lots are a cruel place where an “every man for himself” mentality is required.” Sorry to the little old lady just trying to do some grocery shopping. It looks like that homemade apple pie will have to wait until this Audi moves.

No Parking Allowed? Watch This

The driver of this hatchback thinks his car is really an off-road beast capable of tackling the toughest terrain. He also clearly has no idea what an actual parking space looks like because he reversed his car directly onto a walkway. This classic example of “watch this” is proudly sponsored by every driver who has ever been told they cannot do something, like parkyour car in a no-parking zone.

Tiny Car Syndrome

One of the benefits of owning a Fiat 500 is being able to fit into tight parking spots. It has a compact body perfect for squeezing. This driver is clearly suffering from tiny car syndrome, which occurs when a driver thinks his vehicle is much bigger than it is and takes up more than one parking spaces. There is nothing left to do but grab some popcorn and watch as a large truck driver happens upon this guy’s errors and pays him a lesson about being a considerate citizen.

The Black Sheep Of Parking

No one likes to parallel park. It pretty much requires a genius to back into a parking space without dinging a nearby car. This guy decided that he was not going to do it, but he was not going to let a perfectly good parking space go to waste either. Despite all the other cars who correctly parked their vehicles neatly in a row, he chose to let it all hang out and be the black sheep of parking. Lesson learned: it is good to be unique, but it is not good to be a jerk.

Car-Eating Curbs

This exclusive footage shows an innocent car being viciously attacked by a car-eating curb as it tried parking outside of a Tesco supermarket. The curb reportedly came out of nowhere as the car approached the parking space. Drivers are helpless when a car-eating curb has their car within its clutches. Fortunately, this driver was able to complete their shopping before the curb completely engulfed the vehicle. Car-eating curbs can be avoided in the future by not parking like an ass.

Drivers Who Never Learned The Golden Rule

The number one rule of driving is to be completely inconsiderate of others. At least it is for this guy, who decided to park his car on a curb in the middle of the road and watch other drivers struggle to get around him. This situation can only be described as an accident waiting to happen. But at least the driver of this car will not be around when it happens, so it is not his concern.

Whose Car Is This?

It is unclear why the driver of a car small enough to fit two of them in one parking space would take up two. The guy in this picture thinks it is funny and decided to put the driver on blast. Either that or this guy is the driver and wants credit for his horrible parking skills and manners. The only way to handle a driver who takes up two parking spaces is to let karma do its thing. Or hope that a shopping cart finds its way into the car’s side door.