Things For Your Car That Might Be A Waste Of Money

Cars can get quite expensive, from insurance and maintenance costs to gas and monthly payments. Many drivers like to make the vehicle reflect their personality, whether it’s adding custom options or personalizing the car to one’s satisfaction. While the auto industry thrives off what customers are looking for, there are some people running scams and offering options that drivers just don’t need. Check out things for your car that are useless or mediocre, and may end up costing you more than you intended.

Window Tint


While dark window tints are cool and enhance the look of a vehicle, you could most likely end up spending up more than you need to for it. Some trucks, cars, and SUVs come stock with window tint if you’re lucky. Apart from being ripped off for tint from a shop, laws vary from state to state on how dark the tint can be. Typically, the front windows and part windshield need to be clear, and the back windows can have certain levels of tint. Unless you’re a high profile individual, don’t get stuck paying legal fees for an option that isn’t all that necessary.

The next option has been all the rage over the last decade.