Why You Should Just Buy A Jeep Wrangler

June 13, 2022

Looking for a classic off-roader that is also capable and attractive? Leave the Mercedes-Benz’s alone. Trying to track down an old Toyota Land Cruiser? Forget about it. Dream about owning a Daihatsu Taft? Do not waste the money. Just about every argument over what type of car to buy can be simplified as follows: just buy a Jeep Wrangler. Sure, the cars mentioned above are cool, but Jeep Wranglers are just as authentic, and they have an excellent aftermarket support system. The first step before making the purchase is to find and compare the best deals online.

The Original Badass All Terrain Vehicle

Jeep has always been an American tradition. The incredible history of the Jeep dates back to World War II when it was used as a replacement for the horse to carry soldiers and supplies. It quickly became known as the Armed Force’s best friend. The Jeep was incredibly versatile and virtually indestructible. According to war correspondent Erne Pyle, “I don’t think we could continue the war without the jeep. It does everything. It goes everywhere. It’s as faithful as a dog, as strong as a mule, and as agile as a goat.”

The Jeep was the original badass vehicle that no one could duplicate. The Japanese tried with the Datsun car. Volkswagen gave it a shot with the Kübelwagen, which was designed by Ferdinand Porsche himself. But none of these cars could compete with the Jeep’s Go-Devil engine and ability to conquer any terrain due to its four-wheel drive components and larger overall weight. The same mentality applies to the Jeep today. It remains as sturdy and capable as ever. Owning one is like paying tribute to the fallen war heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and there is nothing more patriotic than that.

Completely Customizable

Jeep is completely customizable, too. No matter what needs a buyer has, there is a Jeep for that. Older model Jeeps remain just as cool as newer models. Looking for something with style and class to head out to the beach with? Look for a 1980’s Grand Wagoneer. Want something older than that? The Jeep dates back to 1941, so there should be no shortage of collectibles out there. Need something that does well on the trails without spending a fortune? There are eighteen different model years of the XJ Cherokee. Try the four-liter XJ Cherokee or even a later model XJ and get out there.

Tough And Ready For Adventure

Need a ride to conquer the toughest terrain around? Look for a used CJ. There will not be any tears shed over a dented fender as there would be with a Land Rover. There is something about a Jeep that gives off a friendly yet slightly dangerous vibe. Jeep drivers are easy to befriend. They are not typically the douchebags that roll around in trucks or start bar fights. They are outdoorsy dudes (and badass chicks) down for an awesome adventure any time of the day. Still not sold on buying a Jeep? Go ahead and pay too much money for that G-wagon. It will look great sitting in the driveway where it is safe from dirt and dings. Jeep lovers will not care. It means there is more room for them on the trails.