Bad Drivers! The Worst Driving Habits You Could Be Doing

We’ve all been there; pulled a bone-headed move like forgot to signal a turn and watched in our rear view as the driver behind us tosses their hands in the air in frustration or tries to punch a hole in the steering wheel while mashing the horn. The problem with neglecting your responsibilities as a driver is that they become habits, and bad habits can lead to frequent dangerous driving. Here’s a list of the most common mistakes we make while driving that could cause ire for those around us and compromise the safety of everyone we share the road with.

Our first mistake is one we have all made, and many of us have made a habit of.

Rolling Stops

I realize that it’s a pain to bring your car to a full stop, look both ways and confirm that there are no obstructions. That 2.7 seconds could mean the difference between making it to work and explaining to the responding officer why your front end tried to make friends with the bumper of a passing car (or worse, a pedestrian). This goes for making turns at red-lights as well; our road rules are created around the idea that every driver should be able to predict what those around them are going to do. By rolling through, you are disrupting the expectations of those around you and compromising the system that is meant to keep us all safe. It may seem like an innocuous violation, but rolling stops heighten the risk of being T-boned, which have more potential for catastrophic results since the side of your car is the most vulnerable place to be struck. So, for the safety of yourself and those around you, just stop. Stop and look. It’s called a stop sign, not a just-slow-down-and-glance-real-quick-before-blowing-through-the-intersection sign.

Our next bad habit also increases your chances of being struck by those around you, not just out of frustration with your poor driving.