Check Out This Hand-Decorated Lambo With A Crystal Paint Job

January 12, 2023

Some people enjoy standing out in a crowd. And what better way to draw attention to yourself than a quarter million dollar Lamborghini Huracan? Better yet, a crystal-encrusted Huracan. Instagram model and woman with demonstrably too much money, Daria Radionova, has a taste for glittery, expensive things. Based out of London, this Russian beauty took her already head turning vehicle and turned it into a glimmering tribute to gaudiness.

It Pays To Be Pretty

In the age of Facebook, Instagram and youtube fame, our society seems to be primed for people like Daria Radionova, who has made her fortune-seeking attention online. She’s a professional Instagram model with over sixty thousand followers. Evidently, being beautiful on the internet pays well. The base price for a Huracan runs just shy of the quarter-million-dollar mark. Now that supercar will speed past in a flash! What it must have cost her to have the crew at Vinceri - specialists in luxury vehicle crystallization - place each crystal by hand is anyone’s guess...

Read on for more details on how each of these crystals was painstakingly adhered to her car.

Each Crystal Is Hand Placed

Speaking of having the team from Vinceri place each crystal; from videos the strange niche auto shop published, it appears that each of the 3.1 million crystals is glued in place by hand. The work is reported to have taken a month of painstaking labor. I wonder, though, how well those crystals will stay attached if the Huracan ever reaches its two hundred miles per hour top speed. Finding even a couple of those crystals on the side of the road would make an excellent gift for someone special.

A Humble Christmas Present

While the rest of us were doing last minute shopping for our spouse and kids, Daria unveiled her crystal-coated Huracan. Taking the sparkling Lambo down Oxford St in London, the Russian bombshell backed traffic up behind her. She tweeted her condolences to the peasantry saying “Happy Christmas everyone and I hope your new year will be bright and shiny like my car… P.S: Sorry to the buses/taxis/cars behind me lol”. I get the feeling that sentiment is more of the sorry-not-sorry variety, but who am I to judge?

This isn’t Daria’s first crystal studded luxury car, however.

Third Generation Shine

The Lambo is actually Daria’s third sparkly car! Her first crystal-encrusted ride was a Mercedes CLS 350 covered with around a million crystals that she unveiled to the world in 2014. That paint job- if it can be called that - cost Daria north of twenty-five thousand dollars. She sold the Merc for nearly $210,000 at auction and evidently used that money to buy a Bentley Continental GT. But she wasn’t done bedazzling her rides...

From Luxury To Sport

To be fair to Daria, her Continental GT was only partially crystal-studded, the rest was wrapped in velvet. Apparently, she was just frugal to help pay for the 3.1 million crystals that would go onto the Lambo. I’m not sure how the folks at Bentley feels about their already ultra-luxury car being wrapped in crystals and velvet, but judging by the “BAII BYY” license plate that made a move from the Bentley to the Lambo with her, she doesn’t care.