Check Out This Hand-Decorated Lambo With A Crystal Paint Job

Some people enjoy standing out in a crowd. And what better way to draw attention to yourself than a quarter million dollar Lamborghini Huracan? Better yet, a crystal-encrusted Huracan. Instagram model and woman with demonstrably too much money, Daria Radionova, has a taste for glittery, expensive things. Based out of London, this Russian beauty took her already head turning vehicle and turned it into a glimmering tribute to gaudiness.

It Pays To Be Pretty


In the age of Facebook, Instagram and youtube fame, our society seems to be primed for people like Daria Radionova, who has made her fortune-seeking attention online. She’s a professional Instagram model with over sixty thousand followers. Evidently, being beautiful on the internet pays well. The base price for a Huracan runs just shy of the quarter-million-dollar mark. Now that supercar will speed past in a flash! What it must have cost her to have the crew at Vinceri – specialists in luxury vehicle crystallization – place each crystal by hand is anyone’s guess…

Read on for more details on how each of these crystals was painstakingly adhered to her car.