A Look At The New Bronco

The New 2020 Bronco is a marvel in the making. The SUV was on the shelves for more than two decades waiting for the right time to steal away market share. The Jeep Wrangler appears to be the target. All that is known about the New Bronco is that it is built to hail the simplicity of its rustic roots, whilst simultaneously upgrading its image and tech to the most novel apparatus imaginable. The world is on the edge of its seat waiting for the great unveiling after Ford announced the return of the Bronco at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.



The Ford Bronco is a legendary SUV that Ford produced from 1966-1996. The Ford Bronco was first engineered to capture a share of the off-road market dominated by the Jeep CJ and International Harvester Scout. The primary competition for the Bronco was the sturdy Blazer that Chevy first developed as a short truck. The Bronco was redesigned to compete with the Blazer by borrowing from the F-100 Ford truck platform. The subsequent models were similarly based upon the F-150 Ford truck platform. The history of the Bronco demonstrates a prime example of how the popular American SUV market of today came into existence via the marriage of Jeep and Truck designs.