Features We Can’t Live Without Now That We Have Them

Every few years we look at the tech available in our cars and think ‘how it could get better than this.’ Then automakers come out with something new that sets us back in our place and makes us realize how good it can be. The creature comforts that we’re treated to while we’re behind the wheel keep getting better and better as time goes on, and become more widespread as new technologies force luxury options into base models. Here are the features we just can’t go back to not having.

Heated Seats

This is something our more northern readers will appreciate. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to head to work on a winter’s morning, only to have your buns frozen to the seat for the first twenty minutes of your drive. Now that seat warmers are becoming more common in lower end cars; even us plebs can enjoy the experience of driving without tearing a glute muscle every time we move our foot from one pedal to the other. When this feature hit the market in 1966 on the Cadillac de Ville, it seemed like total excess for the luxury class. Now, fifty years later, my bum can’t thank Cadillac enough for bringing us this technology.

Our next innovation should cool you off if you left your warmer on high for too long.