Standard Features Car Makers Need To Stop Advertising

Manufacturers like pushing the envelope of what goodies we get as standard in our cars, but after a while, certain features become so ubiquitous across the industry that they don’t deserve to be advertised as features anymore. This is a list of the features that should be relegated to the standard equipment that no longer needs an introduction along with the steering wheel, horn, and seatbelts. Ultimately, ads that highlight these shared bits of standard equipment feel lazy and give the impression that the vehicle doesn’t offer much worth bragging about.

A/C and Heater


There was a time when keeping fresh in the summer and warm in the winter was a luxury you had to pay extra money for your car or live with winding down the windows. Those days have come and gone, however, since heat and air conditioning are standard features on pretty well every vehicle these days. Unless you’re buying a race car, few people would even consider a car without this “feature.” The public decided that being able to control how hot or cold the passenger compartment is an essential element back in the 1950s. Updates to the system include multiple zones of climate control and changing the sliding temp arm to a digitized thermostat, pretty much the equivalent of sticking a digital clock on it and calling it new. Still though, for all the updates done over the decades we expect our cars to have heat and air, just tell us what flourish you’ve added if it’s significant.