Are You Manly Enough For The 2018 Ford F-150 RTR Muscle Truck Concept?

Aggressive. Powerful. Manly. There are plenty of ways to describe the recently-revealed 2018 Ford F-150 RTR Muscle Truck Concept, and it's hard to pick just one adjective. With its 5.0-L V8 engine that's capable of producing over 600 hp, it is no wonder that this muscle truck concept is generating a lot of buzz. But there's more to this truck than meets the eye. In fact, the F-150 RTR is extremely versatile as an off-roader, a workhorse, and a family-friendly daily driver. If you want a thrilling ride, the RTR Muscle Truck Concept offers just that!

Designed By Vaughn Gittin Jr.


The design for the 2018 Ford F-150 RTR (which stands for "Ready to Rock") Muscle Truck Concept comes from the self-taught pro drifter from Maryland, Vaughn "JR" Gittin Jr. Gittin is the man responsible for creating the 2010 Mustang RTR, the only other RTR vehicle that has been made. Like the Mustang RTR, Gittin wanted to design something that functions as a powerful off-roader as well as a spunky daily driver. Gittin has been a long-time fan of Ford's F Series and was impressed by the sheer performance capabilities that Ford included on all of the 2018 F-150s. With the RTR design, Gittin has made the F-150 look ultra muscular and contemporary without losing the F-150's practical appeal.