The 10 New Cars and Trucks Owners Hold Onto the Longest

December 22, 2022

The average American keeps his or her new vehicle for 7.3 years, or 87.6 months. That outlasts the longest available length of a car loan, which is 84 months. And according to iSeeCars—the vehicle research firm that provides the aforementioned information—there are automobiles that have longer periods of ownership. how did iSeeCars determine this? The company did so by examining records of over 15 million used vehicles that were sold by original owners and compared their ages with their times of sale. Below are the top ten new cars that people hold onto the longest:

Audi TT

Average Period of Ownership: 8.8 years

Unveiled in 1995, the TT was the most distinctive vehicle that Audi had unleased up to that time. And it can be argued that it still is, which explains the comparatively strong owner loyalty. Combining slab-sided flanks with symmetrically styled front and rear profiles, the TT is styled as a 2+2 coupe or two-seater roadster, which appeals to sports enthusiasts. The TT has received high marks for the elegant design of its interior, which features a virtual cockpit with a huge touchscreen. And you can maximize performance with the high-level RS trim, which is bolstered by an all-wheel drive and a 2.5-liter turbocharged, 400-horsepower, five-cylinder engine.

Toyota 4Runner

Average Period of Ownership: 8.8 years

Many manufacturers these days are incorporating more sedan-based qualities in their SUVs to make them function as crossovers. By contrast, the Toyota Runner sticks with the original SUV concept: a rugged, durable, off-road-capable ride that feels just as comfortable conquering rough terrain as it does on the paved roads of our civilized world. You can optimize its off-road capabilities with any of the “TRD”-branded trims, which have standard four-wheel drivetrains, heavy-duty suspensions, and thick aluminum skid plates. In addition, the 4Runner has also grown in size since its 1984 debut; since 2002, the 4Runner has been classified as a midsize SUV, as opposed to the compact SUV classification of previous years.

Toyota Avalon

Average Period of Ownership: 8.8 years

Notably, the Toyota Avalon is the only sedan on this list. In addition to being Toyota’s flagship vehicle, it also helps that the Avalon has always had standard V6 power, loads of interior space, and is backed by its manufacturer’s reputation for building reliable vehicles. Even as these attributes have always been present since its debut in 1994, the Avalon only continued to improve with each production cycle. Today, it is one of the best four-door sedans in the market: known for its roominess, engine power, smooth ride quality, and a generous list of standard features. U.S. News & Report crowns it the number one large car in the country.

Chevrolet Corvette

Average Period of Ownership: 8.8 years

The Chevrolet Corvette is already an iconic American ride, having established its reputation as arguably the country’s only true sports car. In addition, it is one of the world’s longest-running nameplates, having thrilled millions of drivers since 1953. Combining style and performance throughout its production run, the Corvette is most specifically priced for its gobs of engine power, sleek and youthful exterior profile, and sharp and athletic handling. These days, you can roll with the Corvette’s high-performance variant, the Z06, which roars with a supercharged 650-horsepower, 6.2-liter V8 and delivers a 0-60 mph time of 2.95 seconds if you join it with an 8-speed automatic transmission and a super-stiffened suspension. Understandably, Corvette owners hold on to their vehicles for as long as they can.

Toyota Sequoia

Average Period of Ownership: 8.9 years

Introduced for the 2001 model year, the Toyota Sequoia replicates the off-road capabilities and engine power of its sibling, the 4Runner, but on a larger scale. The standard V8 engine brings with it enough brawn to tow a trailer or boat. Designed as a full-size SUV, the Sequoia provides three rows of seats to accommodate up to eight people, thus making it a highly family-oriented vehicle. And with the 2018 model year, it only got better when Toyota introduced a TRD Sport trim, which comes with exclusive sport-tuned suspension, Bilstein shock absorbers, and performance-tuned anti-sway bars to further bolster its ability as an outdoorsy ride.

Ford Explorer

Average Period of Ownership: 8.9 years

Anyone who wants to trace the origins of the SUV as America’s automotive body style of choice need to look no further than the Ford Explorer. While it was far from the first SUV in existence, it was arguably the first of its kind to effortlessly blend together attributes that are nowadays most closely associated with crossovers. There’s the roominess, comfort, meaty engine choices, elevated style over the average station wagon or minivan, and the reasonable price range. As a result, the Explorer is one of the automotive industry’s best sellers, as well as one of its most perennially consistent ones.

Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class/SLC-Class

Average Period of Ownership: 9.0 years

A sleek two-door roadster, the Vehicle Formerly Known As the Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class (until 2017, when it was renamed the SLC-Class) made its debut in 1996 to compete with similar vehicles from fellow European automakers. The SLK/SLC-Class is notable for being among the first vehicles in the modern area to popularize the implementation of a steel power-retractable convertible top, rather than the more popular fabric soft top. Consequently, the SLK/SLC has a coupe-like profile that makes it more aerodynamic and less prone to intrusion by vandals. In addition, the SLK/SLC made its name over the years for a well-crafted cabin, several advanced technologies, and smooth ride quality—all wrapped up in a tiny package that amplifies owner intimacy.

Ford Expedition

Average Period of Ownership: 9.0 years

When it was introduced for the 1997 model year, the Expedition made history as Ford’s first full-size SUV with a four-door body. Two decades later, U.S. News & World Report regard it as the top vehicle in its class. The Expedition’s top attribute has always been its roominess; it’s a three-row vehicle that seats up to eight people with a comfortability that is virtually unparalleled anywhere else. There’s even an EL model, which expands the Expedition’s wheelbase to provide more passenger and cargo volume. And with its truck-like underpinnings and available four-wheel drivetrain, the SUV is primed for durability and off-road driving. Ultimately, the Ford Expedition is ideal for families, long trips, and outdoor adventures.

Porsche Boxster

Average Period of Ownership: 9.9 years

A precious mid-engined rear-wheel-drive two-seater, the Porsche Boxster has been around since 1996. Its design makes it ideal for a nice sunny day, which means that the Boxster undoubtedly spends most of its time in the garage or parking lot. Take it out, however, and you’re unleashing one of the best luxury sports cars around. The Boxster has virtually everything anyone should have in the quintessential performance vehicle: dynamic handling, loads of power, and firm yet spacious seats to soak in the thrills. And while sports cars are not exactly best-known for top-level fuel efficiency, the Boxster is fitted with a flat-6-cylinder engine that is comparatively miserly on gas.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Average Period of Ownership: 10.6 years

The Toyota Land Cruiser tops the list, and upon a more thorough examination, it’s not hard to determine why. It embodies many of the attributes that the previous vehicles have. The eight-passenger Land Cruiser is the largest SUV manufactured by Toyota, as well as the largest one on this list. It is an excellent off-roader, with a standard four-wheel drivetrain and a beefy V8 engine. It’s truck-like construction optimally prepares it for the harshest road and weather conditions. It’s the longest-running nameplate of the ten vehicles, with a history that stretches back to 1951. And of course, it is backed by Toyota’s reputation for making highly reliable vehicles.


Ultimately, based on iSeeCars research, the ten new vehicles that people tend to keep around the longest are mostly Toyotas, SUVs, and sports cars due to one constant attribute: durability. People want to be able to own their cars, SUVs, or trucks without worrying about frequently making major or expensive repairs or replacements. So, if you’re looking to enjoy your vehicle for a very long time, definitely take this list into account.