2017 Jaguar F-Pace

August 20, 2021

Jaguar’s standards are based on the axiom said by its co-founder Willam Lyons. He said his vehicles have to embody ‘grace, pace, and space.’ Welcome to the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace. This sleek and luxurious crossover sports utility vehicle continues to represent the essence of the quintessential British automobile maker’s brand.

What’s New?

The 2017 Jaguar F-Pace got it looks from the 2016 F-Type, so this performance unity vehicle has the heart of a sports car. Heads will turn when people see how powerful it looks from the tail to the front. It is pure status, and it demands respect wherever it goes. Whether it is used to drop off the kids at school or to go off roading this car is a wise investment for all drivers.

Interior Features

Everything about this sports utility vehicle screams decadence. The interior exudes luxury and a sporty feel at the same time. Every seat is made from supple leather with not a stitch out of place thanks to the excellence of British craftsmanship. There are plenty of seats including three in the rear perfect to comfortably sit three children or three adults. The sunroof is a great standard feature when the sun or the stars are shining.

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Exterior Features

The F-Pace was built to be aerodynamic. Its performance is second to none. Jaguar made sure the downforce was perfect, and anyone who drives this crossover vehicle will notice its stability on the road. Jaguar reduced the drag coefficient and brought it to .37. Considering most sports utility vehicles range from 0.35 to 0.45 this is quite impressive. This combination of dynamics equals low fuel consumption for consumers who are automobile savvy and cost conscious.


Jaguar wants its customers to stay connected and entertained while they enjoy the F-Pace experience. It showcases its trademarked ‘Jaguar InControl Touch’ multimedia system including a variety of popular Apps and a stolen vehicle locator. It features an eight-inch touchscreen, navigation assistance, Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated text-to-voice, climate control. It has a state of the art 'Meridian 380W Sound System' with eleven speakers which create a rich music experience for any audiophile or casual listener.

Engine/Fuel Efficiency

The F-Pace gives the consumer a choice of diesel or gasoline engines and in Jaguar’s new ‘Ingenium’ range which is built on a very strong but compact aluminum block. It is intuitive and its engine cooling, controlled with computer technology, and it only activates when it senses the engine overheating. It also has ‘Stop/Start technology’ and smart charging; Whenever the driver uses the brakes, it charges the battery resulting in less worry about battery draining.


To master the road in all road conditions the F-Pace developed the ‘All Surface Progress Control’ allowing the driver to maintain the optimal control. Whether it is black ice or wet grass the ‘ Adaptive Surface Response’ distinguishes the change in surfaces and adjusts its grip to suit. The ‘Autonomous Emergency Braking system’ has a front facing camera which signals a warning sound to alert the driver of possible accidents making this vehicle ultra safe.