What Does The Type Of Car You Drive Say About You?

May 16, 2022

There is a reason that Batman rides around in the Batmobile, and it is not just for functionality. He also drives it to intimidate, respond to danger quickly, and to look good of course. Just like Bruce, we all purchase vehicles that suit our lifestyles and character. Not only do we need vehicles that will offer the functionality we need for our daily lives, but also ones that help reflect our personality.

Just like your clothes or style, a car says a lot about the driver. Although there are some conventional stereotypes, here is a breakdown of what the type of car you drive says about you.


Anyone that likes a convertible likes to let their hair down and blow in the breeze, literally and figuratively. You like to be free and you definitely like to enjoy the ride. Although you may want to get something that’s fast, you probably don’t always push it to its limits, and may even cruise in the slow lane and just enjoy the ride.

Not only do you not mind being seen, you probably relish the attention. All eyes are on you while you drive by, so you’ll need to make sure your hair looks good while it’s blowing in the wind.

Muscle Car

Anyone that loves a muscle car usually loves two other things as well: classic American car history and mechanics. Most of these owners are vehicle enthusiasts, no matter what type of vehicle it is. Your garage at home is probably filled with classic rock or pin-up posters, or maybe a combination of the two.

People that own muscle cars are more likely to do their own work, maintenance, and alterations on their vehicles. With an enthusiasm for the beauty and mechanics of cars, they usually enjoy doing these things on their own and feeling in tune with their car. Rather than take it through the car wash for five bucks, they’ll not only wash it on their own on, but they’ll actually enjoy it.


By nature, these types of vehicles are meant to appeal to a large demographic. With flexible uses, they serve the widest set of drivers. Whether you’re a small family, a cyclist traveling across the country, or a young couple that loves your pet as much as your friends love their kids, a Crossover will work for you.

The great thing about them is that they are often large enough to suit transporting furniture, things for activities (snowboards, hockey bags, etc.), and a full load of groceries. They offer flexibility and adaptability to a range of lifestyles. Even better, they aren’t as big as an SUV, minivan, or truck, so they let you save on fuel.


There’s a reason the stereotypical vision of a Mom driving with a gaggle of noisy kids in the back immediately comes to mind when you see a minivan; it just makes sense. With that many seats, minivans are specifically tailored to full-sized families (of 2 kids or more). They fit the entire family, allow for additional space, and often have a range of convenience and comfort features.

Modern day minivans offer the flexibility to lower seats, making them easily convertible so that they can either store people or things. When necessary, they can fit up to seven people. When space is more important, these seats can be lowered so that space is ideally suited for transport.


Unlike muscle car enthusiasts, supercar owners don’t know how to fix their own vehicle, or even change their own oil. They can most likely tell you specific statistics about the car, including the top speed, horsepower, and acceleration speeds. However, they may not be exactly sure what all of it means.

Like people in convertibles and sports cars, these people enjoy the ride but are also just as concerned about their appearance to others. A supercar is a status symbol more than it is a vehicle to most people. Do not - I repeat - do not lean on a friends supercar because you can’t afford to fix any scratches.


Five years ago, you were either an environmental activist or a hipster if you owned a hybrid vehicle. Nowadays, hybrid vehicles are much more popular and many people are leaning towards hybrid vehicles for the future. As more charging stations become available and more resources are diverted to energy, hybrid vehicles have slowly been expanding on the streets. Those who drive one are likely more responsible with money and the environment; that is to say, you probably sort your recycling from your garbage.

Hybrids are best suited for people that are driving shorter distances. They make great in-town vehicles for driving to work and running errands. If you don’t need the space for transport or a major vacation, they are great for long distances because of the money you save on fuel. However, if you want to go camping with the entire family, you may not be able to fit everything you need inside.


Sport utility trucks are best suited for people that enjoy activities. People that enjoy crossovers may benefit from having an SUT if they are into more extreme sports that may require a full supply station. Likewise, if your extreme sporting passion takes you further off the beaten path, an SUT is probably a better-suited vehicle for you than a Crossover.

These vehicles are not as small as SUVs, nor as big as trucks, but they are built for a more rugged experience and more dangerous terrain. They make great vehicles for sporting enthusiasts that like to hike, climb, or go on a range of excursions. They will use a little bit more fuel than an SUV or Crossover, but they’ll also hold up against a more rugged environment and use.

Full-Size Truck

The largest trucks are bought for two main reasons: you either need the power and storage features or you’re trying to prove your masculinity. While some people get a big truck on jacked-up wheels to get attention and assert dominance, there are plenty of people that need the performance, quality, and power that these full-size trucks have to offer.

These trucks are ideal for construction sites or workers, contractors, and literally anyone that needs to be able to tow a decent amount of weight. Unless it’s used for a serious purpose on a daily - or at least weekly basis - there probably wasn’t a genuine reason for buying it in the first place though. All criticism aside, trucks have a lot of features that cannot be found in any other vehicle, but it does come at a cost; fueling a truck won’t be easy on the wallet.

Sports Car

Unlike Supercars, sports cars can and are purchased by average people. Anyone that actually buys a sports car has a serious love of cars. They probably like to spend more time between their car and garage than in their actual home.

Sports cars are ideally suited for people that like to enjoy the ride. Unlike people in convertibles, sports cars keep your hair safe because they need to go fast as well as look good. Chances are when someone asks you about cars, you don’t just describe it by color. You’ll know something about engines, mechanics, and car design.


Sports Utility Vehicles are the modern day minivans, designed specifically for soccer Moms in mind. They offer most of the same features that minivans offer, including the flexibility to change seating to storage, as well as many of the conveniences and comforts of the interior. These vehicles are designed with the driver in mind. Still, many of them are sleek and stylish as well.

SUVs are great because they let you sit higher up in the vehicle, letting you feel safer and see more. They are bigger, comfier, and therefore give you more space and offer features you wouldn’t get in other vehicle types. Since they aren’t as long as trucks or minivans, they drive and handle a lot more like cars, making them much more smooth and enjoyable to drive.

Compact Truck

Compact trucks are for people that want the features of a truck but are smart enough to avoid the high fuel fees. Although they don’t come with the same power, hauling capabilities, and sheer torque, they save substantially on gasoline costs. You still get most of the features that a larger truck would have, but not quite as strong or large.

People that love the outdoors, doing their own upgrades on their home, and potentially enjoy woodworking in their free time would really benefit from a compact truck. They are handy enough to keep tools in so that you’re ready for any job. If you want all the benefits of a truck without the extreme fuel costs, a compact truck is the way to go.

Miniature Car

People that drive miniature cars are not car enthusiasts, they likely don’t do their own mechanic work and they likely don’t brag about their car at social gatherings. Instead, it is all about getting from point A to point B in the most efficient, effective, and convenient manner. These smaller vehicles are practical in the sense that they are low on fuel consumption.

While these cars are cheaper to operate and run, they give you fewer features and capabilities. You cannot use your miniature car to haul a trailer and you do not have space to store a lot in the vehicle either. Owners of these vehicles are practical, economically safe, and likely enjoy having a vehicle more than the ride itself.


Utility vehicles are similar to compact trucks, offering a rear storage bed in a small, compact model. This gives you the storage capabilities that a truck would give you, without adding the fuel consumption that a large truck gets.

Since these are not made in America, there aren’t as popular here as they are in Europe or Australia. However, they make great utility vehicles that will give you a balance between a truck and car. If you like to do your own work around the home, enjoy do-it-yourself projects, or simply need space to haul from time to time, a UTE is a great fit.

Station Wagon

Who doesn’t love a rear-facing seat in the back? If you were a kid in the 80s and 90s and your family had a station wagon, this was probably the most exciting part of the ride. Modern wagons don’t have rear-facing back seats anymore, but they do make for a great vehicle. Wagons are typically seen as a family vehicle, but they can also be great for many other uses.

Wagon’s give the driver plenty of space for storage, but they won’t have the power to haul major loads. They can fit as many people as an SUV, and it’s likely just as comfortable. Even better, the fuel costs are far less than an SUV or truck to upkeep. These are great vehicles for families, or for couples that enjoy activities and events but don't want to fork out the same transport costs as bigger vehicles.

Conversion Van

For all intents and purposes, if you own a conversion van in today’s age, you’re likely either a contractor or a bit of a creeper. These vehicles are largely used by businesses that need the vehicles to be able to move gear and equipment. They offer great seating and space, but they do come at a cost, since fueling these vehicles is not cheap.

You may be in a band, a hippie, or touring the nation on an adventure. In fact, touring is one of the best uses for these vans because they offer a large amount of space for storage and seating, but are less expensive than an RV.


Unlike the owner of a supercar, you’ve given up your dreams of fancy cars. Instead, comfort, convenience, and practicality are more important to people that own sedans. You want a car that has four doors so that you don’t have to open the front door and cram your kids in the back. You also use the car to drive back and forth to sports just as much as you drive it to work.

Sedans are reasonably good on gas, offer comfortable seating, and allow for adequate space. From here, people can choose either the smaller or larger models to give their kids more legroom or to save on fuel.