These Hideous Cars Are Just Too Embarrassing To Drive

January 10, 2023

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, these cars are - and should probably be - unsightly to most. We've all driven a car we weren't proud of, whether it was a rental or a crappy hand-me-down from someone in the family. If you're on the lookout for a new car, the auto industry has its fair share of vehicles to avoid. You may have to stick it out in a lesser desirable vehicle until getting one of your dreams. The question is, why would anyone want to continue driving one of these in the long term?

Acura ZDX

Is it an SUV or a car? Whatever it is, it resembles the shape of an egg and is not the most exciting excuse for a vehicle. Known as a crossover, the ZDX has too many curves for its own good. America must have agreed because Acura axed the car in 2013, only four years after its release. This model wasn't turning heads for the right reasons, and a high price point had buyers searching elsewhere. Crossovers seem to be the less popular of vehicles, but how bad is this next choice?

Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

Known to be the “most unforgivably hideous and poorly designed car of all time,” the CrossCab was the “the world's first all-wheel-drive crossover convertible." It launched in 2011 and was based on Nissan's Murano, minus the whole being useful and practical thing. The CrossCab was a weak attempt at a convertible, and nobody wants to have the top down and be seen driving around this monstrosity. This was an excellent example of innovation gone wrong, but does the next one have all the features you've never wanted?

Volkswagen New Beetle

You don't want to catch this bug! The iconic Beetle had a poor revamp, trying to cater to a more 'masculine' crowd with a sportier look. As ugly as the original, this beetle had some people thinking why any man or woman would consider a more streamlined version of an insect to be appealing. The classic yellow bug may have had fifteen minutes of fame asthe first car for teenage girls, but this next vehicle has been claimed by none...

Pontiac Aztek

Dubbed as the 'greatest failed model in history,' the Pontiac Aztec takes the cake on embarrassing cars. It takes a certain mindset to drive something of this nature. One owner has said that "it's like having an ugly kid - he may be ugly, but he's still your kid." Well, they were wrong because unlike your kid, you have the option to go with something of your choice. The oddly proportioned plastic box should have stayed on the drawing board because nobody wants to buy it. How much would you spend on this next plastic box?

Nissan Cube

Unless you're Postman Pat, the Nissan Cube should not even make the list of cars you need to try. Keeping in line with boxy cars nobody wants to waste their money on, the Cube has made several records of being the ugliest carmade. Nissan was bold enough to reference the front of the vehicle as having a “friendly front grille inspired by a bulldog wearing shades.” Bringing more attention to the front didn't take away from the rest, also who wants to drive something that resembles a sunglass-wearing bulldog on the front?

Smart Fortwo

What looks like a half a dorky car and isn't large enough for one, let alone two? This knockoff 'smart' car missed the mark with what looks like an oversized child's toy vehicle. The car's slim design certainly doesn't cater to everyone, and if you're thinking of taking someone on a date, it's likely they will think you couldn't afford a whole car. This model is guaranteed to be much smaller than other vehicles on the highway, the transmission is sluggish, and it definitely isn't a family car. Which begs the question, why would you want to own this? And the options don't get any better...

Chevrolet SSR

This model just screams midlife crisis. The SSR is a confusing mix between a muscle car and a pickup truck, perfect for someone who can't let go of their past but wants to keep up with the masses as well. The two-passenger convertible truck was short-lived, appearing on the market from 2003-2006. The ugliest chevy made wasn't a hit, and was appropriated to be more of a clown car then something practical.

Ford Taurus

The mid-sized mid-priced sedan by Ford was and still is just plain ugly. You got what you paid for, and this car was a cheap piece of crap. The vehicle was known for being indestructible thanks to polyurethane bumpers; it didn't change the fact it looked like an oversized insect, which seemed to be a trend with ugly cars. It was, however, a pretty popular choice, given the price point.

Nissan Juke

Nissan seems to be pushing out some pretty questionable cars; the Juke is the third one on the list. While many critics have been outspoken of their disdain for the SUV, Nissan has stood behind their design. The parking lights are where the headlights should be, and the headlights are where the foglights should be, not to mention it has a pretty small engine for a vehicle of its nature. Many people wonder if the Juke is Nissan's ugliest car ever, earning its nickname, the Puke. This next vehicle comes in three different models and is every soccer mom's dream...


While the Hummer looks like it would be great for offroading, you'll see most of these parked in grocery store parking lots and local soccer meets. It's a fan favorite for playboys, PTA moms and other people whose wish is to appear larger than life. Some say the Hummer gives off an air of insecurity and the massive hunk of metal could be making up for size elsewhere. Either way, driving one of these in your local neighborhood is downright embarrassing and should be banned to a military base.

Mitsuoka Orochi

Supercars are a favorite amongst rich people, some who might not care what their car looks like. Case in point, the Mitsuoka Orochi is a poor excuse for a supercar and comes with a wide array of downright tacky details. From rainbow vomit paint to dipped in wannabe gold, the Orochi can be tailored to all your gaudy needs. It's named after an eight-headed Japanese dragon but is more reminiscent of an ugly sea creature. What' could be worse than driving a fake supercar?

Lincoln MKT

The crossover MKT is just a glorified hearse. Case in point, they are actually being converted into hearses! With the Lincoln Town Car out of the way, this one's a runner-up for unattractive metal on wheels. Geared towards a more 'adult' driver, the MKT is a failure with aesthetics; not even the trademark grille could save this bad boy. If you're thinking of purchasing one of these, you had better make sure it is brand new, or you're better off driving a Ford Taurus because a Taurus is guaranteed not to have hauled around a dead guy. This next vehicle is a household name, but luxury doesn't always equal beauty...

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

You would think BMW could have come up with a better design for what they call 'space-functional concept.' They missed the mark on providing sports-car handling and supreme luxury all in one. The rear quarter windows are an eyesore, the back seats don't fold down, and the vehicle looks like a fancy Pontiac Aztek. If you're planning on driving this around, be prepared to get laughed at for posing in what it is supposedly a 'GT.' Stay tuned for a baby SUV full of impracticality...

Mini Paceman

Being the world's first ever Sports Activity Coupe couldn't save this ugly duckling. The three-door mini hatchback is supposed to be family oriented but even adding the third door isn't going to make this a practical choice. While the front of the car is unmistakenly a Mini, the high rear bumper, tiny exhausts, and plastic skirts will make you second guess the premium hatchback. You're better off sticking with a Mini Cooper. Every family has a black sheep, and this one needs to be exiled.

Honda CR-Z

Why do major companies design such hideous cars? Honda is known as one of the best manufacturers in the world, but they undoubtedly missed the mark with the CR-Z. This vehicle is slightly reminiscent of the legendary CRX, but without all the design and attention to detail. The CR-Z is a poor and ugly attempt at trying to be a sporty coupe but just looks like a sedan with its back chopped off. You could probably count on your hands how many times you've seen these out in the wild because nobody wants to be caught dead in one.