The Most Expensive Exotic Cars Ruined In One Day

Being involved in a wreck is never an enjoyable experience. Seeing the aftermath, however, can be an excellent source of schadenfreude, especially when the vehicle is worth six figures. Fortunately for the drivers, all were lucky enough to walk away from these incidents, with just their vehicles meeting an unfortunate fate. Whether the cause was too much speed or not enough sense, the following all came with a hefty price tag and lessons well learned. A word from the wise: remember to wear your seatbelt and make sure your insurance is up to date, otherwise you're in for a bumpy ride.

It’s A Car, Not A Train


This unfortunate incident occurred in England when the pictured Ferrari plowed into the back of a stopped traffic line as they approached a roundabout. The driver rammed into the back of a van that was stopped at the rear of the line with enough force to damage six of the vehicles ahead. Fortunately, aside from the driver’s pride, no one was seriously injured in the pile-up. Witnesses claim that recently changed lanes in that area were likely the cause for confusion as it seems like many drivers can't quite comprehend the logistics of a roundabout anyways… The driver’s 458 however, is now a quarter-million dollar scrap heap.