The 5 Most And 5 Least Fuel Efficient Car Brands Today

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first developed fuel economy tests in 1972 using driving patterns that simulated rush hour traffic in Los Angeles. Since then, fuel economy for cars in the United States has risen steadily from around thirteen miles per gallon to about thirty to thirty-five miles per gallon. These numbers are expected to increase further because the EPA has committed to raising the fuel economy of the average vehicle to fifty-four miles per gallon by the year 2025. For now, however, here are the five most and five least fuel efficient car manufacturers on the market according to the EPA.


Motor Trend

Mazda cars represent the most economical cars available, achieving an average of 29.2 miles per gallon. This car make provides a wide range of vehicles suited for different purposes and has carved out a piece of the lucrative American market. The most popular models include the Mazda3, CX-5, and Mazda6, all of which are reasonably priced between $19,300 and $24,000 USD. Mazda is even developing additional ways to save fuel, including cutting weight from their vehicles and reducing friction from tires, brakes, and suspensions. Throughout its history, Mazda has received many automotive industry awards and created several vehicles that remain the best in their class. It also has an eye firmly on the future, recently signing a deal with Toyota that will allow it to explore their battery and hybrid technology for use in vehicles.