The 15 Most Infamous Criminal Cars In History

The one thing that all criminals must have to obtain proper criminal status is a getaway vehicle. A good getaway car is hard to come by for some, while for others it's as easy as renting a Ryder truck. Some of the most famous criminals in the world spent lots of effort trying to protect themselves by adding security and other features to their vehicles. One, in particular, took the seats of his car for a bone-chilling purpose. The following fifteen vehicles tell stories as creepy as the criminals who drove them.

15. 1963 Ford Lotus Cortina

Bruce Reynolds shocked the world when he used a Ford Lotus Cortina as his getaway vehicle during the 1963 Great Train Robbery, which resulted in a seven million dollar heist. While the rest of the gang used Land Rovers as their ride of choice, Reynolds picked the correct vehicle as he was one of the few to escape. He was eventually caught trying to leave the country and served ten years in prison, but not before giving the Lotus Cortina the credit it deserved as a criminal worthy set of wheels.