The 10 New Cars and Trucks Owners Hold Onto the Longest

The average American keeps his or her new vehicle for 7.3 years, or 87.6 months. That outlasts the longest available length of a car loan, which is 84 months. And according to iSeeCars—the vehicle research firm that provides the aforementioned information—there are automobiles that have longer periods of ownership. how did iSeeCars determine this? The company did so by examining records of over 15 million used vehicles that were sold by original owners and compared their ages with their times of sale. Below are the top ten new cars that people hold onto the longest:

Audi TT


Average Period of Ownership: 8.8 years

Unveiled in 1995, the TT was the most distinctive vehicle that Audi had unleased up to that time. And it can be argued that it still is, which explains the comparatively strong owner loyalty. Combining slab-sided flanks with symmetrically styled front and rear profiles, the TT is styled as a 2+2 coupe or two-seater roadster, which appeals to sports enthusiasts. The TT has received high marks for the elegant design of its interior, which features a virtual cockpit with a huge touchscreen. And you can maximize performance with the high-level RS trim, which is bolstered by an all-wheel drive and a 2.5-liter turbocharged, 400-horsepower, five-cylinder engine.