Rare Car Terms You Need To Know If You're A Car Guy

Within the auto industry, there are plenty of terms and jargon that are used, from critical components of an engine to terms regarding regulation. There are conversations that every driver will have to have throughout their lives, with family, friends, or that trusty mechanic, where they will encounter at least a few important concepts. Regardless, some words are better left for the mechanic to worry about, while others should be common knowledge for any car owner. Here's a collection of terms that every car guy should know for casual conversation and talks in the shop. 

Caliper Configuration


Caliper configuration is a term used to identify hydraulic pistons engaged in a brake caliper, as well as how the pistons are placed. The small hydraulic pistons are motivated by pressure received from the master cylinder. As a result, friction pads press against the disc, ultimately slowing each wheel and bringing the car to a halt. Caliper configuration is a critical process in vehicle safety and must be assembled with precision. There are various types of calipers; sliding, monoblock, swinging, and more. Commonly, disk brakes are used on most vehicles today and require caliper configuration and calibration to create the proper amount of friction when a unit is stopping.

Now that caliper configuration has been discussed; the next car term will be regarding a critical component of an engine.