Some Of The Oldest Cars In The World

Most people would guess that the Ford Model T is the oldest car in the world, given Henry Ford’s hefty contribution to the automotive industry. However, if you conduct some thorough research, you’ll find the oldest cars in the world were powered by steam, not gasoline. There are plenty of other vehicles that came before the Model T, and we’ve got a condensed list of some of the ones that stood out in the crowd. 



The Balzer was built in 1894 and is a proudly American invention. It was a motorized quadricycle that had a 3-speed manual transmission with one lever used to engage speeds and the clutch. New York inventor Stephen Balzer gets credit for coming up with the masterpiece that boasted a lightweight three-cylinder mounted engine. The engine was strategically mounted with a stationary crankshaft along with a shorter shaft that connected to the driving gears. The Balzer was the first vehicle to be put on display at the Smithsonian Institute and has been displayed many times over the years.

The next vehicle was one cylinder, four horsepower car.