Most Expensive Cars Of 2018

It's the lucky ones who get to toss millions around without breaking the bank. When money is no object, car collecting becomes limitless, and the world is your oyster. While us regular folk can't drop coin like the select few, it's still interesting to know about the most expensive cars out there. Whether it's the Bugatti Chiron or Lykan HyperSport, check out this list of lust-worthy vehicles for car enthusiasts and millionaires alike.

Sweptail Rolls Royce – $13 Million


This one might be off limits for everyone. The Sweptail was built specifically for a top secret buyer who Rolls Royce was not at liberty to discuss. Sitting at a whopping 13 million dollars, this class-of-its own vehicle was concocted with inspiration from popular Rolls models from the 30s and 40s. The Sweptail has exquisitely built custom coachwork reminiscent of the Victorian era, handcrafted leather and wood attache cases, and a panoramic sunroof. The bespoke one-off's bodywork is seamless with "no visible boundary to the surfaces" and is "akin to the hull of a yacht." That's enough fancy to know the interior would be immaculate, especially when you factor in the fiber optic constellations woven into the roof liner.

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