Coolest Military Vehicles Ever Listed On eBay

May 1, 2022

A military vehicle is probably not on sweet Aunt Kathy’s Christmas wishlist, but searching through eBay for one is enjoyable anyway. It is crazy to think what these ten military vehicles have likely been through. Forget about purchasing an old Mustang that needs a few new parts and instead consider buying one of these military tanks as your next fixer-upper. It even doubles as the ultimate snow plow or the best way ever to keep the neighbor’s dog on their side of the fence!

1943 White M3A1 Scout Car

Located in Grants Pass, Oregon, the seller of this 1943 White M3A1 Scout Car claimed it was one of the most difficult to find on American soil and most desired World War II vehicles ever, as most of them were shipped overseas. The seller also claimed that General George Patton once used it as a daily commuter. The M3 Scout Car was an armored vehicle that had been used as a gun tractor, ambulance, command vehicle, and a scouting and patrol vehicle during the war.

Iltis 1986 Bombardier Jeep Ambulance

This Iltis 1986 Bombardier Jeep Ambulance was posted for sale in Montreal, Canada. The word “Iltis” is German for “polecat.” Bombardier built approximately twenty-five hundred of these vehicles under license in Canada for the Canadian Forces, and over twenty-six hundred were to be sent to the Belgian Army. Canadian production of the Iltis 1986 Bombardier Jeep Ambulance took place from 1984 to 1988 and this model, in particular, had the seats removed to make room for wounded soldiers.


This DNEPR MB 750 was listed by a seller in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and was a great reminder that not all military vehicles were heavily armored or had deadly capabilities. The DNEPR MB 750 was used exclusively for military purposes, although DNEPR, which was adopted by a Ukrainian company called Kiev Motor Zavod (KMZ), also made some versions of the motorcycle to be utilized by civilians. This listing clearly was not meant for recreational purposes.

USMC M813 Military Monster 5-Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck

When this USMC M813 Military Monster 5-Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck was listed, it came with a description almost as massive as the truck itself, including two hundred and fifty photos. There were a few things that set this military vehicle apart from the rest; it had a starting bid of one dollar, and it came with a clean title so that it could be driven legally through the streets. It was serviced and maintained by the Marines and had only six miles on the odometer.

WW2 M5 Artillery Tractor

The M5 tractor was used by the United States Army in 1942 as an artillery tractor. It was created to tow other military vehicles and carry guns and ammunition to soldiers. The military stopped using the M5 shortly after World War II, but other countries such as Pakistan, Lebanon, Austria, Japan, and Yugoslavia continued to use it. This particular model was listed by a seller located in Ventura, California, and appeared to be in excellent condition.

Studebaker T-15 Snow Weasel

According to the ad, the Studebaker T-15 Snow Weasel was built after the United States Military hired Studebaker Corporation of South Bend Indiana to make a top secret snow vehicle to be used in Norway. The T-15 was its earliest production, and this particular model was fully restored and had a working engine. It came with a World War II radio set, tools, a sleeping bag pack, headset, and a bunch of other cool toys. Too bad it did not sell.

Vietnam Era LTV Aerospace AATV K.I.D. 8x8 Tracked Vehicle

This Vietnam Era LTV Aerospace AATV KID 8x8 Tracked Vehicle was listed by a seller located in Paris, Tennessee. Created in 1969 by LTV Aerospace in Tyler, Dallas, the K.I.D. vehicle was designed for American soldiers in Vietnam, but apparently, only a few models ever made it there. It combined the mobility of an 8x8 vehicle with the utility and flexibility of a tractor. Some of its features included hydrostatic drive, an all steel build, and the ability to climb seventy-degree slopes.

2010 OshKosh MK48 LVS USMC Dragon Wagon

Valued at more than two hundred thousand dollars, this 2010 OshKosh MK48 LVS USMC Dragon Wagon was listed by a seller in Apollo Beach, Florida. It had only ninety-one miles on it and came with the trailer included in the picture. The OshKosh MK48 series was used to transport heavy equipment and necessary supplies including fuel, water, and ammunition. It can reportedly haul 12.5 tons off road and 22.5 tons on hard surface roads.

Panzer IV Tank Project

The Panzer IV was the only tank to remain in production throughout the entire Second World War. For the first few years of its output, the Panzer IV was used as a close support weapon and made in small quantities. By the summer of 1942, it became used as a killing machine. It was designed, like all other German tanks, with the drive wheels in front and the engine in the back with the transmission running up the middle.

Military Wrecker - 5 Ton - XM816

Of course, a seller in Texas had one of these babies just lying around. The Military Wrecker - 5 Ton - XM816 was made by AM General as part of the M809 series of 6x6 military trucks. It came with a revolving hydraulic crane that could extend up to eighteen feet, and it had a maximum lift capacity of twenty tons if there were boom jacks on the ground. Without boom jacks and outriggers, the capacity was only three tons. Fuel capacity was only five miles per hour, and they were built to pull equipment for the United States Army through harsh terrain.