The Best Of The Best: Top Achievements In The Automotive Industry

The auto world is full of wondrous accomplishments, from piloting a car through the sound barrier to parking in your office. There is little we can’t achieve with four wheels, some ingenuity, and enough willpower to make our dreams a reality. Let’s take a look back and see what significant accomplishments our species has been driven to do in the name of the automobile. Our first is here to get us up to speed before we take off.

Top Acceleration In The World


This one is a toss-up. Technically, Tesla’s Model S takes this one with an acceleration of zero to sixty-two in just 2.28 seconds. That’s only 0.02 seconds faster than the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon which reaches speed in a blistering 2.3 seconds. The theoretical acceleration limit for cars on Earth is just under two seconds, which means we’re now entering the race to be the first to reach that threshold instead of manufacturers just pushing each other into more Gs off the line. The Model S obviously gets a ludicrous boost from its 100kW battery pack and dual motors.

If you’re more about maintaining pace than the sprint off the start and you’ve got the cash to throw around, our next cars are for you.