Historical Automobile Brands We Want To See Make A Comeback

The history of the automobile is rich and full of success stories that helped shape the products we buy and cherish today. However, there are many brands that have made a huge impact on the car industry that suffered losses and, unfortunately, ceased production of these models forever.

The following are some of the top car brands that were unfortunately discontinued but who we would love to see make their return to center stage.

The Mighty Hummer


Hummer was a brand that was well-known across America; designed by AM General and sold to the public (under the name “Hummer”) starting in 1992 after the incredibly successful United States Military contract that AM achieved. Sold to GM in 1999, models were on the market for years; marketed and distributed by GM but produced by AM General, including the H2 and H3 models GM designed for customers. However, in 2008 GM put the Hummer brand under review and received multiple offers for purchase, although Hummer had a few opportunities to sell, the Hummer brand ultimately died out due to lack of need for large SUV units that did not fare well with high gas costs. That being said, the Hummer image was well-known and respected in America and given a more fuel efficient unit, or perhaps an electric hybrid, the Hummer brand could make a strong competitor in today’s market. Currently, there is a demand for SUV units, especially those that have a unique look and possess strong fuel efficiency; such a demand provides the perfect opportunity for a return with their expanded Hummer-HX Concept vehicle, as long as it reduces notorious Hummer gas costs.