The Jeep At 75 – A Timeless Icon

In December of 2016, Jeep celebrated its 75th anniversary as one of the most influential and longest standing automotive lines in the world. Early Jeeps were used as replacements for mules and wagons to shuttle soldiers around while carrying much-needed supplies such as food and ammunition to camps during the war. Today Jeep is well-known as one of the best off-road vehicle brands available. Here is a look at how the timeless brand has developed over the years.

1941-1945 Willys Jeep MB

Before the United States entered World War II, the British lacked a capable vehicle to tote supplies and soldiers around. When the Willys Jeep MB arrived, it became a critical tool for the Allies (Britain, France, the United States and the Soviet Union) to win the war. The Willys Jeep MB featured a 60 horsepower engine with 85 pounds per feet of torque power, which was a step up from using mules. After the war, hundreds of surplus MB’s were sold or given to local Filipinos when American troops began to leave the Philippines.