The Evolution Of Famous Car Logos Across The Decades

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have marked objects with images, and this ancient ritual has followed us into our modern lives. This is especially true in the business world; a logo defines a company and gives it an identity. Filled with history and symbolism, these icons express the totality of a business within a single image; car companies are no exception. What follows is a look at fifteen car logos that have captured driver’s imaginations. Along the way, we discuss a few alterations and transformations that make these logos among the most famous in the world.


Inspired by Milan’s red cross and the biscione of the House of Visconti, A.L.F.A. created some of their earliest logos by combining these images and surrounding them with the company letters and the word “Milano.” As early as 1920, the name “Romeo” was added. This has remained the company's image for decades, with the last major alteration occurring in 1971 when “Milano” was removed. Insignificant redesigns have since kept this logo modern in appearance.