The Automobile Factory Where Time Has Stopped: Haunting Photos Of The Famous Longbridge MG Rover Plant

Ghostly Image Of Part Of The Body Painting Line

L’Usine Nouvelle

This ghostly image shows an area of the body painting line. The cylinder tubes sticking out of the wall are hot air jets that dry the Rover 75’s paintwork. The Rover 75 on the production line, passes by as many hot air jets as it takes to eventually have its paint dried. Lots of hot air jets are needed to help the cars dry quickly. Experts have claimed that the reason for the plant’s closure was a flawed business model, which resulted in the MG Rover not selling as many cars as they hoped to. The company also had high import costs of components. MG Rover said it would attempt to preserve as many jobs as possible by relocating production line employees to other areas of employment.

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