The Automobile Factory Where Time Has Stopped: Haunting Photos Of The Famous Longbridge MG Rover Plant

After the famous Longbridge MG Rover plant collapsed in 2005, production was massively scaled back, and the plant remained almost completely unused. Then, in 2016, MG Motor confirmed that the Longbridge plant in Birmingham was shut down entirely. These haunting images starkly contrast the bustling days in the 1980’s when twenty-five thousand workers were employed by the plant, which opened in 1905. Now, all that remains, captured by these ghostly images, are rusty unfinished cars on the production line.

Abandoned Light Blue Rover 75 On The Production Line


This eerie photograph depicts a rusty light blue unfinished Rover 75 sitting on the production line, abandoned by laid off plant workers, without windows or wheels, door handles, and much of the front of the vehicle. Having taken form, it was nearing completion. The light blue Rover 75 sits unfinished on the stopped production line over a decade after the plant collapsed. The Rover 75 is an executive car that was manufactured from 1999-2005. It made frequent appearances on Midsomer Murders, appeared several times on Dalziel and Pascoe, and was also featured as a police car in V for Vendetta. The Rover 75 was also featured in numerous additional movies and television shows.