Historic Photos Depicting The Chaos And Mayhem In The Early Days Of The Automobile

Leslie Jones, a photographer for Boston Herald-Traveler, amassed a vast collection of photographs taken in the 1930s that display the early experiences behind the wheel for Americans. The haunting black and white photos show the chaos and mayhem experienced on the roads by the early drivers. With an eye for a dramatic scene, Leslie Jones took hundreds of photographs from 1917 to 1956 and captured many images of destruction on the roads by the vintage vehicles and their often fatal crashes.

Many Early Vehicles Were Hauled Out Of The Water


Taking a nose dive in a car is never a fun prospect, especially when it’s into the near-frozen waters off the eastern coast. Many of the hundreds of photographs taken by Leslie Jones involved vehicles being hauled out of the water. This vehicle managed to bury its nose in the muck and remain completely upright long enough for Jones to snap a pic. Hopefully, it was removed before the visible ice could creep in around it.