Amazing Photos That Prove Cuba Is ‘Jurassic Park For Cars’

If you’ve ever traveled to Cuba than chances are you’ve noticed the staggering amount of classic cars still driving around the streets of the country today. Thanks to a U.S. trade embargo beginning in 1958, the country has seemingly become one giant rolling car museum. As the people of Cuba were cut off from purchasing new vehicles from America, they were forced to fix the cars they had and keep them running for decades. Recently Piotr Degler, a 30-year-old automotive photographer from Spain, spent a month traveling around the country capturing beautiful images of working cars, vehicles under repair and even those decaying in the jungle. The images have already been turned into a calendar and are also being published as a stunning coffee table book called Carros de Cuba. Here are 12 of the most amazing images from this series:

Porsche 356

This seemingly immaculate Porsche 356 sits under a carport of a residence in Cuba.