History Of The Corvette

The Corvette has come a long way since its initial design in the 1950s. When most individuals think of a sports car, the Corvette's traditional 'red hash' marks instantly come to mind. It has taken quite a long time for the Chevy Corvette to climb the ranks to become the remarkable vehicle it is today. A look through the history of the Corvette and how far it has come only makes for more excitement as we anticipate the next chapter of Corvette.

First Generation


When the Corvette first arrived on the scene in 1953, it didn't hold a candle to its European counterparts. Although the vehicle's exterior was that of a luxury vehicle, the interior was nothing extraordinary and was instead similar to other GM automobiles. The intro and first generation of Corvette were marked with the same six-cylinder engines that were standard for the rest of Chevrolet's lot. The Corvette did not hold its own as a sports car, and early sales suffered as a result. However, this would all change with the arrival of the V-8 engine.

AutoInfo Staff