A Collection Of The Most Hilarious Car Pranks Around

Everyone loves a good prank, and as long as they are harmless, almost anyone can get a good kick out of them. Some jokes are more thought out and elaborate, while others are more simple and done on a whim. With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of plenty friendly pranks that can be played on friends and family, either for a genuine laugh or to get sweet, sweet revenge.

Funny Rear-View Camera Dinosaur


Most cars being produced today have a rearview camera installed to assist with backing up and parking. Although very useful for everyday driving, this camera has another function that is perfect for pulling a hilarious prank on friends and family. For trucks and other cars that have a lip in the rearview camera, placing a dinosaur or other toy character directly in view gives the appearance of a Jurassic World full of tiny Brachiosaurus or G.I. Joes. Such a simple prank, only requiring a fun toy or character, and a bit of tape makes for a genuine chuckle. 

The following is another great trick for those with minimal resources.