Best Car Designers In The World

Behind every car on the road, there is a story, and behind that, a designer. Everything from a well functioning engine, to the shape and comfort of interior and seats. Designers are the heart and soul of a company’s brand and image, and with that comes lots of responsibility, but also a lot of potential. The following are the most iconic car designers to work in the industry and their stories.

Ralph Gilles


Chrysler has long been at the third place spot in American car companies. With brands Jeep and Dodge under its wing and parent company Fiat, this underdog has lots of ups and downs in past designs. However, one of the largest Chrysler successes is thanks to Ralph Gilles, the designer of the Chrysler 300 – North American Car of the Year. Responsible for countless projects, Gilles leadership and design expertise have landed his current position as Head of Design for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a promotion he received the spring of 2015. Gilles has had a few low rated vehicles in his past especially within the Jeep brand. However, no designer can have a win every time, and his work has generally been well done.

The following is a designer who has had a significant influence in the auto industry as well as the shoe industry.