10 Amazing Amphibious Cars

Amphibious cars are vehicles capable of transportation on land and in the water. The production of these innovative vehicles dates back to World War II although the majority of them were released in the 1960s and the concept became increasingly popular around the world. Some of the most well-known companies added amphibious cars to their fleets at this time, but they are not often seen on the lot. They vary in size, design, and weight, but have come a long way over the years.

10. Audi Hydron


When David Cardoso came up with the Hydron for Audi in 2010, he envisioned “the Audi Hydron (as) a 3-seat, electric amphibious vehicle with the looks of a road car that can be used as a “boat” when necessary.” Rather than simply re-designing an existing road car, he designed a model with unique abilities for both land and water use. Thus, water resistance is reduced with the narrow cockpit and propulsion is acquired by hollow axel wheels with an electric engine.