What To Look For When Buying A Used Car

Frame Corrosion


When buying a car, you need to be aware that a shiny paint job and dazzling extras on the car’s body could conceal serious faults. Frame corrosion is a common problem, especially among cars that were used in areas that experience heavy snow. While salt is a friend to your health, it is an enemy to your vehicle. The frame, being the bottom part is exposed to water, dust, air, and salt (in some cases). When you expose water and iron to air, it will rust. If you add salt to this chemical reaction, the result is as perilous as ignorance. Frame corrosion means your vehicle’s base structure is weak and could break at any moment. Trust me; you do not want this to happen to you since it renders your vehicle un-roadworthy. The resulting repair costs are almost equivalent to purchasing another car. As such, you have to check the underbelly of the vehicle for signs of corrosion. The best place to check is the brakes. If they have too much rust, check the frame twice.

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