Read These Tips Before You Take Your Road Test

We all remember the excitement and anxiety in the days leading up to our road tests. The nights spent driving back and forth as you perfected your parallel parking and kept the old ‘ten-and-two’ in mind paid off when you got that slip of paper. But things have changed, and so have the customs and wisdom we pass along to the next generation of drivers. So, if you’ve booked your road test already and need some last words of advice before rushing off to the DMV, look no further.

Our first tip should be obvious, but is easy to forget about in the excitement.

Have Everything In Order

Before you even begin your drive test, your examiner will go over your vehicle and confirm all of your lights, signals and horn work, so be sure they do. Most places won’t allow you to take an unsafe vehicle on the road, so there can’t be any holes in the body either. They will also check you have your ownership and insurance slips in the vehicle as well, so take a quick inventory before you head to the office for your test. If you have a mechanic who is willing to take twenty minutes to double check your vehicle before you go, do so. If you don’t, be vigilant and check everything that might keep you from driving that day. Since you’re learning to drive, you may as well know how to inspect your vehicle.

Our next piece of advice might just save you some time and stress when you get to the testing office.