Read These Tips Before You Take Your Road Test

Back Into Your Parking Space


This little cheat may not work everywhere, but you could get a break on your reverse parking score if you back into your parking space when you show up for your drive test. Take your time, make sure you’re within the lines and not sitting on or against the curb before you go in. Your tester should note you’ve backed in while they check over your vehicle. This saves you the hassle of having to prove you can back into your parking spot while under the scrutinizing gaze of the clipboard holder. When you return to the office after the test, your instructor should simply ask you to pull into the spot since you’ve already proven you can back in.

A lot has changed over the years, including some old nuggets of driving wisdom. Our next slide looks at a tip that still makes the rounds even though it's as outdated as your mom’s taste in music.

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