Best Ways To Improve Fuel Economy

There are plenty of good reasons to try to maximize a car’s fuel efficiency, whether it is out of concern for the emissions produced from gas-powered vehicles, or simply a desire to save money at the pump. One of the major determinants of how far gas takes you is the kind of car you drive. Lighter, more efficient cars can get up to thirty-five more miles per gallon than larger, bulkier trucks. But what is often less appreciated is two identical vehicles can deliver significantly different gas mileage, depending on how they are treated. The way you drive and maintain your car can make a huge difference over time. Here are five tips for extending a car’s fuel economy to get the most out of it.

Take Out The Trash


One of the easiest steps to take to boost miles per gallon is cleaning out extra weight in your car. If you are always lugging around gym equipment, spare clothes, books, or cleaning materials, consider evaluating if all of it is necessary. The more weight in there is in the vehicle, the harder the engine has to work to get it moving. And just like everyone needs to breathe more when working out, cars need to burn more gas when they are working hard. Studies suggest reducing the mass of a car by ten percent can boost fuel economy anywhere between six and eight percent. Unless you have a massive amount of clutter, you might not be able to hit that level of reductions. But when it comes to gas mileage, every little bit counts, especially when you are thinking about the overall performance of the vehicle across its entire life.