Auto Body Repair Overview

March 15, 2023

Auto body repair is a growing skill in the United States from coast to coast, and the demand for qualified technicians has increased rapidly over the years. Insurance companies no longer allow you to take your damaged car if you're making a claim to the shop of your choice, in fact Uncle Dino's Auto Repair Clinic might do a great job, but without the certifications, the insurance company can deny paying the repair bill!

Luckily automotive training schools are taking on students all the time, and providing them with the necessary skills to get certified in auto body repair and on the right path to an enjoyable career opportunity. Auto body tech certification isn't an overnight course, but with some time and dedication, the education will come faster than you think.

Most schools will have different levels of skilled programs, but the vast majority will be able to teach you the same thing and be a means to an end in frustration. Some of the learned skills are listed below.

  • Acquire job-specific skills to repair dents in body panels, fenders and skirting, file, sand grind and spray paint
  • Explore shrinking or stretching metal panels with heat treatment and welding breaks in body panels or structures
  • Understand how to test for and correct faulty frame alignment, and install trim and body parts
  • Acquire sound theoretical knowledge and practical applications to complement on-the-job experience of this trade
  • Develop craftsmanship, problem-solving skills, personal pride, desirable work attitudes and a keen sense of responsibility in public and personal safety
  • Personal & Shop Safety
  • Vehicle & Body Construction
  • Detailing & Refinishing Equipment Maintenance
  • Applied Mechanical Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Communication Skills
  • Trade Tools & Shop Equipment
  • Non-Structural Repair Fundamentals
  • Refinishing Surface Preparation
  • Oxyacetylene & Gas Metal Arc Welding

Average course time is 24 weeks, there will always be better opportunity with in class and hands on training, but there are online certifications with instructional videos as well that will get you certified fast.

For information on pricing, check out the school's website for full details.