Trucks Of 2018; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Chevy Silverado


To celebrate one hundred years of trucking, Chevy has gone retro with their badging this year. If you decide on the Centennial edition, the blank bowtie is replaced by the classic emblem with Chevrolet stamped into it. The Silverado hasn’t undergone much in the way of serious changes this year; the 4.3L V6 and 5.3L V8s are back and solid as ever, as is the 6.2L V8. While the truck is spacious, the interior is lackluster; featuring hard plastics and uninspired design, it is functional, but that’s about it. Unless you spring for a V8 and one of the higher trim levels, you’re stuck with the six-speed automatic transmission with no option for the eight-speed. Performance wise, the Silverado will haul almost anything you need and is quick off the line for a truck. Features include standards like Bluetooth and an eight-inch touchscreen for your infotainment display, as well as back up cameras and, what may be the tech that sets the Silverado apart, a wireless phone charging station. While the Silverado may lack in some departments, their proven reliability is what keeps customers returning, no fancy gimmicks.

Our next slide features the Silverado’s smaller sibling.

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