Trucks Of 2018; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The 2018 model year has arrived, and the lineup of competing trucks has never been more fierce. From the bestselling F-150 to the latest line of Ram 1500 and everything in between, there truly is something for everyone on the market, and it can get confusing as to which is the best choice for you. Whether you’re looking for comfort, durability, style or space, I’ll walk you through the myriad of options to choose from to make sure you go looking for all the info you could want.

Ford F-150


Having just celebrated their fortieth year of being the best selling truck on the market, the 2018 F-150 maintains the blue oval’s tradition of offering serious bang for your buck. The F-150 can be one of the most technologically advanced vehicles in the segment, providing almost any feature you could want. Heated seats: check. Backup camera with surround view: check. Adaptive cruise control: check. You can also spring for the Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which takes the guesswork out of reversing a trailer into place. The classic F-Series also got a facelift, wide horizontal bars on the grille are changed based on what model you purchase, but all designs have a very Chevy look to them. With four engines to choose from, ranging from a 2.7L V6, through to a 5L V8, there is something for everyone in Ford’s lineup. While the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 is available, you’ll only find its twin turbo, high output sibling in the Raptor. Driven by either a six or ten-speed automatic transmission, the F-150 promises a smooth ride with more amenities than a room at the Ritz.

The next truck on our list is the F-150’s closest competitor and rival.