Top American Truck Classics

In a world of autos, trucks have been heralded as a reliable tool for getting the job done. As an industry, there are lots of competitors fighting for market share and releasing new and exciting products annually. Some truck models are a flop with consumers, but sometimes they become instant classics to be forever cherished. This compilation will review some of the coolest truck classics to grace the streets.

The Beautiful Chevy Cameo


Chevy hit its stride with the Cameo back in 1955 when trucks were starting to feel more like cars. By no means was the Cameo a huge seller, but it did well in the market. It had a classic look that truck admirers have cherished for years. The Cameo was remodeled and updated until 1958 when the ‘Task Force’ collection for Chevrolet (which included the Cameo) received a complete overhaul. Production numbers were lower for the Cameo throughout the mid-1950’s and were priced out of most customers price range, making them an almost luxurious asset to acquire. With a reputation as one of the greatest pickup trucks of all time, the Cameo was an instant classic.

Coming up is how Chevy changed the truck interior game.