2016 Ford F-450

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Weighing in at over nine thousand pounds, the 2016 Ford F-450 is a heavy duty truck with loads of power and muscle to spare. Although competitor models such as the GMC Sierra 3500 HD, Ram 3500 and Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD try to compete, the Ford F-450 is the only four hundred and fifty thousand level truck available. No matter what you are towing, the Ford F-450 delivers but be prepared for a slightly rough ride.

What's New?

New to the 2016 Ford model is military-grade aluminum trim in certain body parts as well as a steel base frame. Available packages include the base XL, the XLT, King Ranch and Platinum trims. This powerful machine has a V-8 engine that puts out four hundred horse power and eight hundred pounds-foot of torque. Next year’s upgrades may include more changes to the exterior of the vehicle as well as some interior upgrades to improve comfort.


Exterior Features

A big truck must have big tires. The 2016 model features nineteen point five inch alloy wheels to enhance its masculinity. The mega-monster truck also includes a locking tailgate and running boards along the side of the vehicle. A steel body frame supports the massive weight of the truck and military grade aluminum alloy was used to upgrade the outside trim of the vehicle for a better looking version of the old fashioned work truck.

Interior Features

Reviewers have cited an older looking appearance inside the Ford F-450. The lower trim levels come in a plain gray color. Cheap plastic pieces make the truck feel far from a luxury ride. Upper trim levels are available in a two-tone color scheme such as black and cream or beige. The interior of the vehicle was designed for all work and no play as only the radio and some nice space for work tools are the best features inside.


Technology was not the main focus of the Ford F-450 but it does contain some nice features, including the option to sync up a Bluetooth. The MyFord Touch voice control system is available in higher trim options with an eight inch touch-screen for cold winter driving with heavy gloves. Climate control, satellite radio, dual universal series bus imports, and navigation and entertainment features are also included in higher trim packages.

Engine/Fuel Efficiency

As one of the best work trucks available, the Ford F-450 boasts a 6.7 liter turbocharged diesel V-8 engine with an output of four hundred horsepower and eight hundred feet-pound of torque. Standard models come with a six speed automatic transmission, four wheel drive and an engine exhaust braking system. It can pull up to seventeen thousand and five hundred pounds; with its fifth wheel set up, it can pull twenty four thousand and seven hundred pounds.



Traction control comes standard in the Ford F-450; however, stability control is not available. Other safety features in the Ford F-450 include a trailer sway control, anti-lock brakes, side airbags, hill start assistance and a post crash alert system. Due to its size and weight, crash tests determined the vehicle took a bit longer to stop when compared to other large trucks at one hundred and forty six feet from sixty miles per hour.